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Why I Give: Keiko Miwa

One thing that brings joy to Dr. Keiko Miwa Ross is her pretty gardens at The Village at Penn State. For over 16 years she has landscaped, built and cared for them continuously. Her Japanese culture inspires her selection of plants and features that she uses in her gardens.

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Why I Give: Pastor Henrik Sonntag

As a Lutheran pastor, I am continually aware of the miraculous works that God can accomplish through us. Having been born in Zwickau, which was then located in East Germany, I grew up under communism and saw the fall of “the wall” when I was in high school. I am thankful for the ministry of the Church during a time of oppression, and consider myself fortunate that God found me in the midst of communism through the faith of my grandmother. To me, this is an example of how God reaches out to us through the people around us.

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Why I Give: Barbara Becker

I give to Paul’s Run because I think they are always looking for opportunities to reach higher, and because of the level of care and appreciation they extend to their residents. Having other older adults in my family, and having looked at retirement communities in Texas, for me, there isn’t anything that compares to Paul’s Run.

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Why I Give: Beverly Coller

I give to Liberty Lutheran because I know that this does not apply within their communities. Residents enjoy the safety and security of knowing they can remain in their homes.nThis is a legacy that my husband and I are proud to support as donors and as volunteers.

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Why I Give: Pat and Frank Ducato

“This is our home,” Pat adds. “We’ve always lived in a nice house that we took pride in. We want to do the same at The Village by contributing to the beauty and maintenance of what we have here.”

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Why I Give: David Stettler

I give to Liberty because I know the impact its family of services makes – not just for residents, clients, and members, but for the families who place their trust in our communities.

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Why I Give: Caroline Willms

Never missing an opportunity to give back, Caroline has named Paul’s Run in her will and as one of the beneficiaries of her annuities. “Near and dear to my heart is the Paul’s Run Fellowship Fund, which helps residents who have exhausted their resources. I find purpose and meaning in supporting this fund, knowing that my good fortune in life will help a neighbor in need.”

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Why I Give: Betty Scott and Chick King

The dynamic new spaces being added to The Village have inspired Chick and Betty to invest in this very special place they live. “We have made a home together at The Village, and our gift to support the new community room will deepen fellowship and enrichment opportunities for everyone. The people make The Village a wonderful home because it reflects the collective personalities of everyone here.”

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Why I Give: Jim and Mary Jane Brenneman

“Mom and Dad certainly didn’t have an overabundance of free time or resources when I was young, but I regularly heard them say how blessed their lives had been and how important it was to give back to God through their church and to worthy organizations whose mission it is to improve the quality of life for others,” lovingly remembers Jim.

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