Beverly Coller
Building a Legacy

“Given the situation we found ourselves in, we set our eyes upon the benevolent care program, which has since made an impact for so many individuals and families.”

My connection to Liberty Lutheran began more than thirty years ago when I was approached by a fellow member of my church to join the board of Artman. It was a distinct time in the community’s history, long before Liberty was even an idea. Faced with uncertainty, we knew that we needed to head in a different direction to fulfill Artman’s legacy as a leading provider of compassionate care.

When we ultimately decided to change the leadership, we were lucky to find Luanne Fisher, now Liberty’s President and CEO, whose vision and expertise match perfectly with what we were looking for. Given the situation we found ourselves in, we set our eyes upon the benevolent care program, which has since made an impact for so many individuals and families.

Over time I’ve maintained my connection with Artman and Liberty, not just having served on boards for our communities and services, but also having my mother as a resident at Artman.

I was very fortunate to have a great relationship with my mother. Even when I was an adult, we shared a house for many years. When she became older, my role as her daughter was joined with a new role as a caregiver.

Eventually, when she was 93, I came to the realization that she needed more than I could provide alone. I knew that Artman was the best place for her.

When I would visit, I could see that she was content and in a place that looked after her physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Having seen that first-hand, I am even more fulfilled by knowing that Liberty exists and extends that standard of care to all its communities.

As a faith-based organization with Lutheran roots, Liberty Lutheran follows a call to be charitable. Benevolent care remains a key.

Within the senior care industry, there is no requirement for benevolent care, which is what makes Liberty’s mission to carry a charitable message in our hearts so important.

For some older adults, aging comes with the unfortunate instance of outliving their resources. This causes uncertainty, anxiety, and fear. The prospect of having to leave their community because they can longer make payments is a very real threat.

I give to Liberty Lutheran because I know that this does not apply within their communities. Residents enjoy the safety and security of knowing they can remain in their homes.

This is a legacy that my husband and I are proud to support as donors and as volunteers.

We have seen the impact that Liberty Lutheran makes as an organization, and how Liberty’s philosophy to fulfill a legacy of compassionate care and empowerment is lived out in the people who work within the organization.

I give to sustain that legacy, which is emboldened by a commitment to ensure that those facing uncertainties receive relief in the knowledge that they are cared for.