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Becoming Center Member Rises to the Challenge and Improves Health with Personal Training

The Becoming Center member, Hank Stoebenau, used to deal with constant back pain and other arthritic joint issues until he found The Becoming Center’s personal training program. For Hank, exercise has done more than simply maintain his physical health. Since choosing to use The Becoming Center’s personal training program, Hank’s back issues have virtually disappeared, and everyday […]

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What Makes The Becoming Center Different? The Becoming Center’s Director Shares the Benefits of This Unique Fitness Center

Anthony Byers is the Director of The Becoming Center at Artman. As the director, Anthony oversees the gym, pool, classes, training, and other services at the Becoming Center, which has five rooms for providing professional Chiropractic and Massage Therapy services. Finding The Becoming Center When asked how he first learned about The Becoming Center, Anthony […]

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Full Body Workout for Older Adults: Reach Your Fitness Goals at The Becoming Center

Maintaining strength and independence is important at every age. Director of The Becoming Center, Anthony Byers, motivates individuals to improve their physical activity with proper exercise and nutrition. Today, he shares his best full-body exercises to improve strength and live life healthfully. At The Becoming Center, we provide a real sense of community. There is […]

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The Becoming Center Shares 5 Cardio Exercises to Promote a Healthy Heart

If you’re looking to maintain a healthy heart, regular physical activity and cardio exercises are two steps in the right direction. According to the National Heart Association, regular physical activity helps lower blood pressure, improve blood sugar, and control body weight, all of which can help decrease your risk for heart disease. At The Becoming […]

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What are the Benefits of Water Aerobics? The Becoming Center’s Instructor Shares Her EXPERT Tips

This is how water aerobics can benefit you! Reduces risk of injury Reduces impact on joints (low-impact workout) Efficient cardio fitness through interval training Focus on core stability Can improve balance, coordination and flexibility Maintains bone strength with resistance weights Can improve respiration, regaining range of motion with limbs, hands, feet, etc. Ability to exercise […]

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The Becoming Center’s Top 10 Tips for Safely Getting Back to Your Fitness Routine + Warm-Up Exercises You Can Do to Prepare

Jill Megna, a certified exercise physiologist at The Becoming Center, has been inspiring members’ fitness routines since 2015. Helping them become the best versions of themselves, Jill says the most rewarding part of her job is building relationships with members and being an important part of The Becoming Center’s close-knit, fitness community. Staying on top […]

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