The Becoming Center member, Hank Stoebenau, used to deal with constant back pain and other arthritic joint issues until he found The Becoming Center’s personal training program. For Hank, exercise has done more than simply maintain his physical health. Since choosing to use The Becoming Center’s personal training program, Hank’s back issues have virtually disappeared, and everyday tasks, like climbing up and down stairs, which challenge him, are just another part of his daily routine now.

Hank has been a member of The Becoming Center for over a decade and began using the personal training program after his success in physical therapy at Artman’s Rehabilitation Center. “The personal training virtually eliminated my back issues, which were really addressed by working with the exercise physiologists, especially their core strengthening exercises,” Hank says.

Hank noticed improvements with his weight control, energy levels, and overall physical health and well-being. He decided to continue with his personal training because of those healthy benefits. “As I’ve aged, my back issues have been related to arthritis and other arthritic joints that you just can’t avoid when you’re as old as I am,” he reflects.

Hank enjoys warming up on the elliptical before his personal training sessions

Prior to coming here, there were times I couldn’t even walk upright, and now there’s basically no issues. 

Hank, Becoming Center member

Hank, who is currently in his late 70s, notes that one way to maintain mobility, strength, and energy while living with these arthritic conditions is to practice appropriate physical exercise. “That’s exactly what I do in personal training at The Becoming Center,” he adds.

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Hank’s Noticeable Improvements with Personal Training at The Becoming Center

  • Relief from back pain and other arthritic joint issues
  • Increased mobility
  • Strengthened core
  • Improved weight control
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved posture

“The strengthening of my core muscles that I’ve done with personal training has maintained my spine. And the proper configurations have allowed me to physically do whatever I want. I’m not going to run marathons,” he laughs, “but I have no problem going up and down stairs. Before, that was often a problem.”

Flying Through Personal Training: Maintaining a Pilot’s Essential Skills

As a pilot who flies private airplanes, Hank believes that personal training has helped him a great deal in terms of maintaining his physical and mental dexterity.

The Becoming Center personal training
Director of The Becoming Center, Anthony Byers, helps members reach their fitness goals while ensuring safety and efficiency

“Piloting an airplane is a unique combination of physical skill and mental ability,” he says. “You’re multi-tasking. You’re controlling the altitude of the airplane. You’re responding to air traffic directives. You’re doing mental calculations,” he says running down the list of various tasks.

“I believe that doing what I do in personal training helps me maintain these challenging skills. It certainly helps me maintain the physical reaction I need to make a split-second decision when controlling an aircraft.”

In addition to enjoying the ease of maintaining his profession as a pilot, Hank says he’s especially pleased with how The Becoming Center personalizes their services to each member’s needs.

The exercise physiologists really care about all of the people who come here. It isn’t just going through a workout routine. They’re not just having you lift weights, or do Pilates. They’re making sure that you’re feeling well, and that you’re doing the right exercises properly in a safe way so you don’t hurt yourself.

In terms of challenges along his health and fitness journey, Hank says that the biggest obstacle can often be himself.

“I know that left to my own devices, I would not push myself and do the kinds of exercises that are most beneficial to keeping me in good shape and good health. I would likely get lazy. With personal training, they make sure that I meet those challenges without overdoing it.”

Becoming Center member in blue shirt stays healthy while riding an exercise machine during a workout at The Becoming Center

Hank currently works with Exercise Physiologist at The Becoming Center, Hana, and in their personal training sessions, she certainly motivates him to rise to any challenge. “Sometimes I’ll joke with Hana when she’s teaching me something new, and I’ll say, ‘how long did you stay awake last night thinking of this exercise?’” he smiles.

As each personal training session is different, Hana always manages to keep Hank on his toes. “There are a number of exercises where she will figure out ways to address the same muscle group as a previous session, but using a slightly different routine that just feels new. It’s never boring,” he admits happily.

Hank notes that while Hana is always pushing him to rise to new challenges, she is especially attentive to any pain he’s feeling or physical issues he’s enduring. “Every session before we start, Hana will ask me how I’m feeling. Whether I tweaked my neck while sleeping, or whatever else is bothering me, she’ll work on it,” he says.

The Becoming Center exercise physiologist
Exercise Physiologist works alongside members to personalize their health and fitness routines

What’s great about The Becoming Center is that the staff here have been trained to work with the kinds of health and physical issues members are dealing with. They’re really treating the person and not just going off of a physical fitness manuscript. It’s personalized. I don’t know if you would get that at other places.

Hank’s wife is also a member of The Becoming Center, and she enjoys utilizing their wide variety of daily exercise classes. “I believe that you’re better off taking advantage of everything they have to offer here. It’s really a fun place,” he says. As Hank and his wife continue to enjoy all that The Becoming Center has to offer, they experience a wide range of benefits that help them live an active and healthy lifestyle.

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