Carol Kowalewski is the Certified Yoga Instructor at The Becoming Center at Artman in Ambler, PA. She has been practicing Yoga for more than thirty years, throughout her years as a former Chief Operating Officer and Human Resources professional. When she retired a few years ago, she joined The Becoming Center as an Instructor, to share her fervent passion for the activity with others. Classes at The Becoming Center focus on a Hatha Practice with modifications to make poses accessible to all students who want to increase balance, strength, and flexibility, with emphasis upon relaxation and meditation.

After welcoming her students to class, Carol turns on soothing piano music, while she distributes what she calls props. These include: blocks, blankets, straps, and rings. “Props are used to support our poses as we move through practice,” she tells students.

Motion is lotion; movement is medicine

Carol, Certified Yoga Instructor at The Becoming Center

Then she adds, “To start class, first come into your breath, inhale through the nose, and exhale through the mouth.”

Carol says, “It’s important to practice the motions in Yoga that we do in life as we age. Those motions include reaching up into cabinets, bending over to put groceries away, and getting up and down from chairs.”

Movement is Medicine

Using her favorites sayings to encourage students, Carol says, “Movement is medicine; motion is lotion, exercise is king and food is queen.” She elaborates, “As we get older, we need to keep doing activities that will develop our confidence, build strength, help us to maintain balance and gain stability. Yoga does that for us- and it’s fun!”

To close class, Carol quotes the late musician, Freddie Mercury, saying, “Think good thoughts, say good words, do good deeds.”