At the West Philadelphia Senior Community Center, we invite you to come out and play. Why? Because playtime is good for your mind, body, and soul.

Play is defined as engaging in an activity for fun or recreation. It provides the same benefits to adults as it does for children. Playing:

  • Encourages physical exercise
  • Sharpens our minds
  • Nourishes creativity
  • Brings people together

You will see how play benefits older adults in our creative movement class. Movement tones our bodies, strengthens our muscles, and improves our balance and coordination. As we dance and move to familiar tunes, the music lifts our spirits, and our worries seem to melt away.

Games like Scrabble or Chess exercise our intellect. When we play games with others, we stay connected and enhance our social life.

A craft or art like painting can relieve stress and stimulate optimism. It enhances problem-solving and fine motor skills while bolstering our memory.

Here at the WOW of West Philadelphia, older adults are finding time to play. Whether it’s with games, art, dance, or any of the many activities offered here, our members are having fun and relishing the fellowship of friends.

By providing the space and time to play, the Center offers fun opportunities for older adults to strengthen their bodies and minds while building bonds of friendship. We invite you to check out what’s happening in our monthly newsletter and make your plans to come out and play.

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