What’s not to love about popcorn? We can eat it plain, loaded with butter, coated with delicious flavors like cheese and caramel. Today, the flavors are endless.

With only 30 calories per cup (35, if you pop it with oil), popcorn is a healthy, whole grain snack. That’s good news since we collectively eat close to 14 billion quarts a year.

While popcorn has been around for a few thousand years, it became popular during the Great Depression. At 5 – 10 cents a bag, it was one of the few snack foods in which most people could afford to indulge.

At that time, going to see a movie was an inexpensive, leisurely activity, so street vendors moved their popcorn carts outside of the movie theaters. Savvy owners eventually began selling popcorn inside the theater, a profitable move that helped save the theater industry.

Today, we enjoy our popcorn with a movie at home. Thanks to the invention of microwaves and air poppers, making our own is easier than the “old” days when we had to “shake” a covered pan of kernels and oil over a hot burner.

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