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Inspiring Knowledge and Action for Disaster Response: LCS Attends NVOAD Conference 2019

When disaster happens, a helping hand means the world to communities in need. Whether it’s rebuilding homes, finding access to food and water, or strengthening resiliency, for Lutheran Congregational Services (LCS), disaster recovery and response is not just about providing resources, it’s about giving hope and strength back to vulnerable individuals and communities. National Voluntary […]

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Warm Hearts and Lunches for Volunteers in Disaster Response and Recovery

Bowing their heads to pray before digging into their delicious spaghetti lunch, volunteers who have been helping the people impacted by devastating floods in Schuylkill County were celebrated for their generosity, commitment, and courage. At this volunteer appreciation lunch, different members from a variety of Lutheran churches and networks gathered together and reflected on how […]

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Families Impacted By Schuylkill County Floods Are Not Forgotten

For the people of Schuylkill County, the dangerous weather in Northeastern Pennsylvania that occurred this past August was much more than a rainy end to summer.  The overwhelming amount of precipitation in this region led to dangerous floods that caused devastating damage to homes and businesses throughout the community, not to mention the families who […]

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Liberty’s LDR-EPA Meets with Disaster Planners from Across the Nation

This week guest blogger Julia Menzo, coordinator for Liberty’s Lutheran Disaster Response-Eastern PA (LDR-EPA), shares how LDR-EPA continues to coalesce with its disaster partners and refine best practices. ********************************************************** In May, I attended the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD) annual conference, held this year in Minneapolis, Minnesota thanks to Homeland Security funding that is allocated […]

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Lutheran Disaster Response partners with Spiritual Leaders

With support from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA,) Liberty Lutheran has further extended its services to individuals and families recovering from a disaster. Lutheran Disaster Response-Eastern PA (LDR-PA) has received a two year grant of $14,000 from the ELCA to pilot a Spiritual Support Partners program for Disaster Recovery. Disaster Spiritual Partners are […]

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LDR Partners with Chester Co for Emergency Response

When a disaster strikes, it can be devastating for residents, business owners and the very landscape of our community. Liberty’s Lutheran Disaster Response-Eastern PA provides disaster preparedness and response in 19 counties of Eastern Pennsylvania. Our program works with congregations, government agencies and community organizations to help prepare for and respond to natural or human […]

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LDR: Prepared for potential spring flooding?

The old adage March comes in like a lion seems to be holding true for our region this year. Pennsylvania continued to get slammed with record low temperatures as well as treacherous snow and freezing rain storms. Spring is just days away and although we’d like to think March will go out “like a lamb,” […]

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ELCA Support extends Liberty’s Mission

With support from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) over the past year, the Liberty Lutheran Family has extended its services to hungry children, individuals and families recovering from a disaster, and to older adults who are motivated to remain active.  

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Winter Storm Damage Lingers for Many in PA

What a winter. Mother Nature hit us hard with more snow and ice than we’ve seen in years. At times it felt as if there was no end in sight. And the damage caused in our communities is still lingering for many individuals.

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