Winter 2014
Winter 2014

What a winter. Mother Nature hit us hard with more snow and ice than we’ve seen in years. At times it felt as if there was no end in sight. And the damage caused in our communities is still lingering for many individuals.

For some, the damage was overwhelming, at times creating dangerous living conditions. With the support of donors and volunteers, Lutheran Disaster Response – Eastern Pennsylvania did what we do best. We organized a cleanup day along with several churches, local governments and community groups.

Winter Storms Clean-Up Day April 2014
Winter Storms Clean-Up Day April 2014

By leveraging available resources and convening various organizations, we helped residents clean-up and fix their homes and properties. Residents like Sara, an elderly woman who has no family in the area and lives on a modest income.

As a former volunteer helping others, she found herself on the receiving end of volunteer help. Fallen trees needed urgent attention in her yard. A very grateful Sara said, “This is the first time I felt like I had any help in a long time.”

tree clean up 6When you donate to Lutheran Disaster Response – Eastern Pennsylvania, you help people like George, a Veteran living on a fixed income. He coincidently had fallen through the bathroom floor of his damaged mobile home the day that volunteers were scheduled to arrive. He was stuck for 2 hours when volunteers arrived.

While George was attended to, volunteers repaired his bathroom floor. The collapsed floor in his kitchen was stabilized so that it was no longer a hazard. Best of all, volunteers were able to get him connected to social and veteran services for ongoing support.

All of us can be vulnerable to disasters if we are not prepared. They can strike at any time, in any place. That’s why Lutheran Disaster Response – Eastern Pennsylvania needs your support today. We need your help to be ready for the next thing around the corner.

Now that the Hurricane Season is upon us, we are keenly aware of the urgency to be prepared. We can’t wait for help to come when disaster strikes – we need it now so that people like Sara and George get the help they need when they need it most.

tree clean up 4Please give today so that Lutheran Disaster Response – Eastern Pennsylvania will be able to help with tomorrow’s disaster. Your gift stays right here in Eastern Pennsylvania, helping those in your community for the long haul, not only to turnaround their homes, but more importantly their spiritual and physical lives.

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Lutheran Disaster Response-Eastern PA is a program of Liberty Lutheran, serving people in 19 counties. Last year, Lutheran Disaster Response-Eastern PA engaged 3,600 people with disaster preparedness activities and repaired 45 homes together with partner organizations.