Jim Himler
The Hearth at Drexel

My journey with Liberty Lutheran started around 15 years ago under a trying circumstance. The church which I attend had fallen victim to a fire, and I was asked to head up the reconstruction.

While that was going on another member of the congregation, who was also on the board of the Mary J. Drexel Home, approached me to discuss some needed updates to their building. While this wasn’t my professional background, I found the experience with my congregation rewarding, and knew that I could take this opportunity to continue to make a positive impact as a board member.

I was familiar with the Mary J. Drexel Home, which is now The Hearth at Drexel, as some members of our church had moved into the community. It had always enjoyed a reputation as a place where older adults could receive compassionate care and excellent service. This was known throughout the area, and the board saw opportunities where we could grow and maximize our potential by affiliating with a larger organization.

Eventually, the community joined with Liberty Lutheran. The decision to become a part of the family of services was made quickly and with confidence that we were joining a strong, professional, caring organization that was rooted in the philosophy of service to others.

When you see the people Liberty serves, you realize that the organization truly lives out its mission to faithfully accompany individuals and families. Residents aren’t just sitting around, covered with blankets to keep warm. They are engaged and active. The care that is offered is second to none.

For its part, the West Philadelphia Senior Community Center plays an integral role in the health and wellbeing of its members, while serving as a resource for the area around it as a whole. Liberty’s contributions can also be seen within ministry thanks to the contributions from Lutheran Congregational Services, while Lutheran Disaster Response continues to serve as a source of hope and recovery for many.

Just as the Mary J. Drexel Home enjoyed a positive reputation in the area around it, the same is true for all of the affiliates within Liberty’s family of service.  This is all thanks to the commitment that is extended by the incredible staff who make up Liberty Lutheran from the leadership to those who are on the front line.

While compassionate care and the highest level of service were always hallmarks that make our family of services distinct, by acting quickly at the start of the coronavirus pandemic Liberty has served as an example for others to follow. Our staff navigated ever-changing regulations and guidance, while keeping families and residents informed.

There are a variety of ways to give, whether it’s monetary or it’s your time. I give to Liberty Lutheran because I can trust that they meet the needs of the people they serve. You can trust that when Liberty is involved with something, that it will be done correctly and effectively. What’s more, when Liberty is involved in something, they do so with compassion and with the mission to empower others.

We can always contribute to the success of those around us. When we dedicate ourselves to something that creates a better situation for others, we create a more promising future.