As we look forward to the rest of summer, the West Philadelphia Senior Community Center is open again to all of our friends and neighbors. Now that we are rejoicing in togetherness, let’s reflect on what this past spring has meant.

Slowly but surely, Philadelphia has emerged from the coronavirus winter that we weathered together. Like flowers in full bloom, our neighborhoods are showing signs of life. We are venturing out away from home, enjoying the things we missed doing. We are seeing our friends and families once again, and exchanging feelings of comfort and joy. 

There may be new “normals” in our lives, as we are no longer strangers to telemedicine, online exercise programs, or even virtual classes. ZOOM has become a new hangout corner, connecting us to people near and far.

The pandemic has been a stark reminder that we are social beings, closely connected to one another. Now is the time to be in community
once again, to eat together, share in laughter and fun. Let’s rediscover the sensation of what it means to be fully alive in the presence of others. We’ve all missed that feeling.

Join us in welcoming the joyful months of summer. Your support means that our members will walk through those doors and truly feel the
WOW of West Philadelphia that we all know and love.

With your gift, we can welcome new beginnings and fresh starts and continue to create meaningful memories at the Center together. Let’s celebrate togetherness once again as the Center is open.

Your support creates togetherness for our members! Give a gift to WPSCC!