Can you imagine as an older adult, having to decide between paying your rent, or putting food on the table? Many older adults living on a fixed income are faced with making this difficult decision each day.

LCFS’s West Philadelphia Senior Community Center does everything we can to provide peace of mind and security for those struggling. Through these challenging times, we are providing daily meals to those who need them so that older adults do not go hungry. We also help pay for rent, heat and utilities in certain circumstances.  

If you or your family have a donor advised fund or foundation, you have a unique giving option to help to support older adults in West Philadelphia. You can make a significant gift for greater impact – a gift that won’t affect your current assets, as the money has already been set aside for charitable donations.

Please consider donating today to the LCFS’s West Philadelphia Senior Community Center. Your support provides warmth and comfort to our neighbors who are struggling. Because of donors like you, older adults in West Philadelphia can stay healthy and well throughout these challenging times.

How to recommend a gift to LCFS:

  • Request a grant distribution through your donor advised fund sponsor or family foundation.
  • Be sure to use LCFS’s Federal Tax ID Number (EIN) 23-1696007.
  • Indicate that your gift is for the West Philadelphia Senior Community Center.
  • LCFS would like to acknowledge your generous gift, so please include your name or fund name and address.
  • Mail to: LCFS Development Office 7002 Butler Pike Ambler PA 19002