As we move into December, most of us are busy preparing for the upcoming holidays. Whichever holiday you celebrate, you will more than likely decorate your home, bake special treats, attend parties and give gifts. If you need recipe ideas, we hope you’ll consider buying the first-ever WPSCC Cookbook, now on sale at the Center. They also make great gifts.

We want to talk about the stress of finding the perfect gift. In recent months the media has warned that we may have trouble finding the items we want, and if we do, we should expect to pay more.

To help relieve some of the stress of finding that perfect gift, we thought we’d share a few thoughts and ideas.

1. Plan in advance.

The best advice is to plan in advance, shop early, and buy local if possible to avoid shipping delays. Remember that gift cards and certificates are always a good option.

2. Think about the person and their interests.

Think about what the person loves and what their routines are. Do they often get Wawa® coffee and a breakfast sandwich on their way to work? Do they love going to the zoo?

3. Give a service or favor!

If you don’t enjoy shopping in-store, turn a service into a gift coupon. Offer to baby sit or provide pet care. Teach someone a skill like playing a musical instrument. Cook a delicious meal that they can enjoy now or later.

4. Family heirlooms are truly a treasure.

The holidays could also be the perfect time to pass along family heirlooms. If you have old photos, put together a photo album along with descriptions. Share your family’s history and stories.

5. Don’t stress and enjoy the holidays!

More than anything, we hope that you find the joy in giving without the stress that often comes with finding the right gift.

Whatever you decide will be the perfect gift because it comes from your heart with lots of love – which is the ultimate gift that we all want and need. This holiday season, the West Philadelphia Senior Community Center wishes you and your family an abundance of joy and love.