FEMA sent out these helpful safety tips and way that you can help those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy

Top 5 safety tips to know and share:

1. Power lines: When returning home, walk around outside first; check for downed power lines, gas leaks and structural damage. Do not enter if you smell gas.

2. Water safety: Listen to local officials for reports if water is safe to drink/safe to use to prepare food.

3. Roads: Damaged/flooded roads may still be closed. Barricades are there for your protection. If you see a barricade, turn around.

4: Blackouts: Leave a light on so you’ll know when your power returns. More at http://ready.gov/blackouts.

5. Generators: NEVER use a generator inside, even with fans or open windows. Deadly levels of carbon monoxide can build up and linger.

 How you can help Those impacted by sandy:

1. Learn how to volunteer responsibly. Get the details here.

2. Want to donate? Cash is best; go through trusted organizations. Details here.

3. Blood supply has been impacted. The Red Cross is seeking immediate blood and platelet donations! Make an appointment now.

4. Have a child that was scared by Sandy? Reduce their anxiety with this excellent interview with Elmo from Sesame Street on the radio.

what did you do to prepare For sandy?

91% of Americans believe it’s important to be prepared for emergencies, but only 58% of households have taken any steps to prepare. As a member of The Coalition for National Preparedness, you’re likely to be a part of the 58%. If you were in Sandy’s path, take this preparedness poll, and tell us what step(s) you took.

how did you encourage others to prepare for sandy?

As a coalition member, you have access to great resources and many of you have a lot of experience preparing for and dealing with emergencies. Given the many digital technologies and social media outlets that allow us to communicate with our family and friends, tell us stories about how you reached out to others and encouraged others to prepare. Weigh in here!

What did you learn from your experience with sandy?

It’s true, we can never be prepared enough. Each time we prepare for an event, we learn something new. Tell us what you learned in preparing and experiencing Sandy that will influence what you do or don’t do in the future in regards to preparedness. If you didn’t live in the path of Sandy, what did you learn from others? Share here.