Friends and family members of the late John Sinn have been touched by the many benefits he received from the Becoming Center.   John’s wife Ginny generously matched the donations received from good friends and members raising a total of 2,960 dollars. “We’re happy that someone else will be able to benefit from the generous donations that were made,” said John’s daughter Beverly Reilly, an instructor with the Center.

Following his stroke in 2005, John’s doctors recommended arthritis aquatics classes.  “He always joked that he was just there to help fill my class,” Beverly said, “But he really became an integral part of the class.” John and four other men in the class became known as the “Burger Boys” who were inseparable, and all loved a good juicy hamburger. When John was no longer able to come to classes, they continued to enjoy lunch together.

John also participated in personal training at the Becoming Center, which helped improve his mobility and allowed him to remain as independent as possible. “I think that the reason why he remained as independent as he did for so long was because of the Becoming Center,” Beverly said.

Ginny said, “He wouldn’t have made it as far as he did without the Becoming Center and his good friends. The one-on-one time was especially helpful. He and his trainer Brian had an unbelievable relationship.”

Ginny and her family understand the benefits of the broad array of services provided by Liberty Lutheran’s senior services. In addition to being a Becoming Center member, John was also a short term rehabilitation patient at Artman and later received home health care from the Liberty at Home staff.