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5 Tips from Personal Trainers on Weight Loss for Older Adults

The Becoming Center is more than just a place where individuals come to reach their health and fitness goals, it is the core of motivation for people striving to feel strong, and discover the endless possibilities of living well.  An outstanding wellness center located on Artman’s campus in Ambler, The Becoming Center is home to […]

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ELCA Support extends Liberty’s Mission

With support from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) over the past year, the Liberty Lutheran Family has extended its services to hungry children, individuals and families recovering from a disaster, and to older adults who are motivated to remain active.  

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Navigating Nutrition at the Supermarket

Grocery shopping can become increasingly difficult as people age.  Older adults tend to be less mobile and weaker than they once were.  The experience of walking the aisles, reading the fine print on packages, reaching for items on top shelves and lugging bags of food home can be hard to handle on their own.

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