Welcome to our Rejoicing Residents Project!

No matter our age, our desire for connection and engagement with those around us remains strong.

You can take part in a new Giving project that will uplift the lives of those we serve, and greatly benefit the well-being of older adults throughout Liberty Lutheran’s family of services.

Rejoicing Residents…

showcases the many stories of older adults who live throughout our senior living communities.

By providing our residents with the opportunity to share their stories, they experience meaningful connections with those around them.

As part of this project, we sit down with the older adults throughout our family of services and ask them about their unique life journeys.

“What is one of your most cherished memories?”

“What is your greatest accomplishment?”

“What do you love most about where you are today?”

By giving us a small snapshot of their lives, we discover, cherish, and celebrate the facets of their history and connect residents with the friends who surround them each and every day.

Join us in supporting this program and provide meaningful opportunities for engagement and connection when you give a gift on our Giving Page by clicking here.

Discover our Rejoicing Residents Stories below

The person who has made the biggest impact on my life is my grandmother. She is the woman who raised me. She was absolutely wonderful.

Arlene Cohen, resident at Paul’s Run

My greatest accomplishment is that I practiced optometry for 57 years. A lot of times when you’re taking care of patients you help them with more than just their vision. I got to know a lot of families.

Dr. Marvin Schechter, resident at Paul’s Run