~ Katrina Kane Wise, NHA, MBA, Vice President/Executive Director of Paul’s Run ~

When Lillian decided to move to a senior community, she didn’t have to think about where she would go.

190-72As a volunteer at Paul’s Run, Lillian knew that she would receive the absolute best in senior living here. She knew she would be treated like a real person by dedicated, compassionate staff in a warm, caring environment. Best of all, she had already developed a network of friends at Paul’s Run.

Though she is now a resident, she continues to dedicate her time to supporting and improving the community. At least three days a week you will find her in the General Store, with her pleasant smile and friendly disposition, always ready to help you find just what you’re looking for.

On Friday’s, Lillian ensures that all of the community, especially those in healthcare, are offered Shabbat services for spiritual nourishment and worship. And she comforts families and friends at Paul’s Run Remembrance services. Of course, this is just a fraction of what Lillian does at Paul’s Run.

349-72When you give to Paul’s Run, you support programs and activities to encourage residents to stay active and engaged within and outside our local community. As Lillian will tell you, nothing keeps your mind as sharp as staying active.

Everyone at Paul’s Run has an interesting story. Stories connect us to who we are. The colorful stories of each resident merges with the story of Paul’s Run to create a vibrant history. Another wonderful example of this is Edna’s story.

Edna and her husband Stanley enjoyed refurbishing and showing antique cars while raising two wonderful children, Ruthie and Randy. Along the way, Edna developed a passion for painting and began taking lessons in watercolor.

EdnaCrpdWhen you visit Edna’s apartment, you feel as if you have entered a gallery of breath taking landscapes depicting scenes of Edna’s life and travels. On one wall, you’ll see the warm, inviting home where Stanley and she raised their children. You’ll find fruit stands of the local market. On another wall, you’ll see roof tops from a neighborhood in Wales and Mexico.


6And you’ll find lots of doorways and entrances, a favorite of Edna’s. I think these are a favorite because they reflect her personality. Edna is always welcoming and engaging, inviting others into her life. We are honored to have her here and privileged in that she has chosen to share her paintings to help others at Paul’s Run.

Edna’s paintings are being featured on notecards to benefit the Paul’s Run Fellowship Fund. This PR Card Graphicspecial fund allows residents who outlive their resources to remain at Paul’s Run. Edna knows that her gift to the Fellowship Fund provides more than the means for those residents to remain here at Paul’s Run, it offers peace of mind.

Your gift to Paul’s Run is extremely important because it provides immediate resources that are directed to current needs and opportunities. All of our residents count on you to help keep our community vibrant.

Please send your gift today to Paul’s Run. Join Lillian and Edna and make a vital difference in our community.