Teens at Helping Hands Day 2013 make tied fleece blankets for Camp Noah survivors.
Teens at Helping Hands Day 2013 make tied fleece blankets for Camp Noah survivors.

Camp Noah serves children who have often lost everything, including special mementos such as childhood blankets. Its purpose is to help disaster survivors feel less isolated; help them express and accept their many difficult feelings; understand more about the process of recovery; develop new friends; and find relief in small comforts and play time. Camp Noah can provide children and families with the basic foundation they need to help them take the first step forward in defining and accepting what will become their “new normal”.

Together, Lutheran Disaster Response-Eastern PA and Lutheran Congregational Services, both services of Liberty Lutheran, design programs for survivors in our territory. They also help find volunteers and raise funds for Camp Noah programs across the nation.

This year, the national office for Camp Noah is transitioning to give children tied fleece blankets. These cozy covers are not only wonderful gifts, but also a recovery tool for children, providing much needed comfort as they continue to process their disaster experience.

If you have nimble fingers, a kind heart and a generous spirit—will you help us by making tied fleece blanket for a child in need?

HHD blankets 3Tied Fleece Blanket Instructions

Blanket Size – 40’ X 72’ approximately (twin bed).

Preferred Fabrics: Since the ages of the children range from 6 to 14, please use youth-appropriate, bright, gender-neutral fabrics. Stay away from themed prints (e.g. sports, Disney, comic books, etc.)

Basic instructions:

  • Purchase two 2-yard pieces of fleece in complimentary colors/patterns.
  • Lay one on top of the other on a flat surface. Make sure that the correct side is facing outward.
  • Cut a fringe (approximately 1 inch wide, 4-5 inches long) around the entire rectangle.
  • Cut the two pieces of fleece simultaneously so the fringe strips are lined up.
  • You will need to remove a square of fabric at each corner.
  • Match up the two strips (one from each piece of fleece) and double-tie them.
  • Repeat around the whole blanket until all of the fabric strips are tied.


To donate blankets contact Lutheran Congregational Services at 610-770-9205.

HHD blankets 2