During the holidays, we often find comfort in our traditions, rejoice in spending time with loved ones, and celebrate the joy of giving. The holidays are also a time to reflect. Reflecting on this past year, Liberty Lutheran has many blessings to be grateful for, especially for the support from donors like you.

2021 began with the rollout of vaccines throughout our communities, bringing resiliency and hope to the people we serve. Residents celebrated safely with neighbors, members reunited at the beloved West Philadelphia Senior Community Center, and people everywhere began to feel a sense of normalcy once again.

As you know, the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 are ever-changing, and Liberty continues to remain resilient and flexible. This holiday season, your generosity is especially meaningful. While we have overcome unimaginable obstacles thus far, it feels like there are many more hills to climb.

Your support boosts the spirits of our dedicated employees who devote their time and energy to providing the highest quality of care for the people we serve. With encouragement from our communities and donors, our team members feel supported and ready to take on the challenges this pandemic continues to present.

I hope that as you celebrate the gift of giving this holiday season, you reflect on the impact your gift can make to Liberty Lutheran, both to the people we serve and our dedicated team of staff. Your generosity is the perfect example of how we are truly better together. To show how your support makes a difference, I’d like to highlight the work of Madeleine Byrne, director of community life at Artman.

Meet Madeleine, Director of Community Life at Artman!

Madeleine (right) ensures residents experience meaningful opportunities for engagement at Artman.

My goal is to make every day the best day for our residents.

Madeleine Bryne, Director of Community Life at Artman

In her role, Madeleine wears many hats. A large part of her work is organizing events and activities that engage residents in meaningful experiences. It requires a special kind of creativity and care. I personally know that her talent brings happiness to our residents and inspires her team members to do the same.

“My goal is to make every day the best day for our residents,” she shares. “I like to surprise them with activities and events that they’re not expecting. It’s important for me to make their lives at Artman joyful and fun.” Ensuring that every day is fulfilling, Madeleine and her team bring their creativity to the table as they plan events that bring smiles to residents’ faces.

One of their most recent favorite celebrations included a 1950s ice cream parlor. Residents reminsced with delightful memories and enjoyed special treats as team members transformed the community and dressed up in 1950s clothing. “We wore pink poodle skirts, and we had ice cream cone sundaes with all different kinds of toppings. We also had classic diner milkshakes that they loved. Residents really enjoyed picking out their favorite flavors and additions,” Madeleine describes. Quite the treat, residents greatly appreciate the special activities that team members organize.

“I work with a very talented team who bring their unique skillsets to the table. If anyone has an idea for an activity or event, we support it, and work together to determine how to make that vision happen for our residents,” Madeleine notes. Community Life at Artman brings purpose and meaning to residents’ lives and Madeleine says it is Artman’s outstanding teamwork that makes this possible.

I couldn’t agree more. I see this not just at Artman, but in every one of Liberty’s communities. The outstanding efforts of our team members like Madeleine are heroic, especially through the challenges of this pandemic.

With your support you can be a hero too. Your generosity brings hope to our staff just like they have brought hope to our residents each and every day. Your gift uplifts the teams who have worked so hard to provide compassionate care for the people we serve.

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