Liberty Lutheran’s employees are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for our residents, members, and clients. As an organization whose mission is founded upon caring for others, we understand that our employees’ ability to take care of themselves and their health is of the utmost importance. This is why Liberty provides a comprehensive Employee Wellness Program that not only helps our employees maintain their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, it also wins awards!

Liberty Lutheran is thrilled to be named as a finalist for Philadelphia Business Journal’s 2021 Healthiest Employers. Additionally, Liberty Lutheran was awarded Silver for 2021 Workplace Health Achievement by the American Heart Association. These awards define best practices for employers that uphold a culture of health and well-being for their employees in the workplace. Our special achievement conveys Liberty’s commitment to uplifting employees’ overall health and creating a successful wellness culture throughout our organization.

What makes Liberty Lutheran’s Employee Wellness Program FANTASTIC?

We’re glad you asked! And who better to answer this question than our employees? Here they are to share with you what makes Liberty’s Lutheran’s Employee Wellness Program outstanding.

  • Monetary incentives for yearly health exams and preventative screenings
  • Mental health programs that support emotional well-being and provide learning opportunities for maintaining overall wellness for both body and mind
  • Fun fitness-related competitions with fellow colleagues and team members like our annual Walking Challenge
  • Wide variety of e-Learning series with Expert Nutrition and Wellness insights
  • Access to a Wellness Marketplace with discounted prices on popular activity trackers, fitness devices, and more
  • Monthly newsletters that include healthy recipes and fitness inspiration

Robyn F., Community Life Director of The Manor at York Town

“I truly appreciate the fact that Liberty’s Wellness Program reminds me to schedule my annual preventative medical exams at the start of each calendar year. The ability to accumulate points through the year for routine doctor visits, reading healthy lifestyle articles, taking healthy living quizzes, etc. provides a  monetary incentive for staying focused on my individual health goals.

Liberty’s management team does an excellent job of communicating its support and encouragement to our team members throughout each family of service.

The Wellness program is just one example of Liberty’s commitment to the welfare and enrichment of all employees. Through daily fitness logs, healthy living articles and recipes, and walking challenges, Liberty’s Wellness Program helps me maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

I have been able to maintain my weight, even during these unprecedented times, due in part to the frequent check ins with Liberty’s Wellness Program.”

Linda C., Administrative Assistant at Paul’s Run

What I enjoy most about Liberty’s Wellness Program are the monetary incentives you can receive just for keeping up with yearly checkups and participation in the Wellness Challenges.

I think it is so important for employees to have information available that supports all areas of their health including physical and mental. The information that Liberty’s Wellness Program provides each month, especially in the newsletter, speaks to so many different aspects of our well-being. With these tips we can all learn small ways to improve our health. r

I participated in Liberty’s Walking Challenge last year, and after I noticed the difference in my weight and improvement in my joints. Ever since I have been walking as much as possible each day. It’s wonderful to have an employer that can motivate such changes.”

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Jamie H., Registered Nurse at The Village at Penn State

“Liberty’s Wellness Program helps keep us accountable for exercising, eating better and managing stress. I really enjoy the group challenges. Several of the team members in my office also participate in them so it brings us closer as a group and helps us to work better as a team, which in turn helps us on a daily basis with team work and learning how to help and encourage each other.

I think it is very important for an employer to support their workers physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. It shows that Liberty really cares about us as individuals and they want the best for us.

The Wellness Program has benefitted me personally in many ways. It makes me want to work harder on myself and keep myself active, eating better and helps me with stress levels. I’ve been walking on my lunch break for many years now several times a week when the weather is nice. That afternoon walk really helps me clear my mind and relieve some stress on a busy day. It is also nice that the fitness room is available to staff after work.  I think it’s really great that Liberty also rewards the staff with points that convert to cash for completing different wellness tasks on the program. That seems to be a good incentive to help push people along as well. If there are team members that are not signed up for the Wellness Program, I highly recommend doing so!

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Nina W., Personal Care Administrator at Artman

“I love that Liberty encourages its employees to be healthier. The incentives offered are a great way to encourage people to have their yearly physicals. Through keeping up with our preventative care many people have been able to catch health issues early on, which makes us able to have any issues under control. 

It is extremely important to support our teams’ mental and physical well-being. When employees are in a great space physically and emotionally, their cup is full, and they then have the ability to help others.

Our whole job is to help others. We are able to do so much more when we are well. Knowing that Liberty supports us in that way, people are more likely to get the assistance that they need.

I love promoting our Wellness Program. I have helped many people sign up. I love hearing their stories of how this program has helped them. It’s so rewarding.

There are so many resources provided through our Wellness Program. So much information is provided in the monthly newsletters. I have been able to lose weight and found new enjoyable, healthy recipes and substitutes. I have learned many new stress-management techniques, which have been extremely helpful during COVID. Because of our Wellness Program, I am more in touch with my emotional well-being and learning when I need to take a break and recharge. On a personal level, this has also made me more emotionally available for my son. My lab work has also improved. I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and have been able to improve my lab numbers over the past two years. I’m thankful to have an employer with such an amazing Wellness Program.

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Julia M., Director of Community Outreach for Lutheran Congregational Services

“I really enjoy the financial incentive with Liberty’s Wellness Program! It’s prompted me to get my regular check ups done that I would likely put on the back burner if those incentives weren’t in place.

Liberty supporting my health and well being makes me feel like the organization and its leadership wants me to be of sound mind and body in order to best serve people and communities on Liberty’s behalf.

The most dramatic way Liberty’s Wellness Program has benefitted me is by encouraging me to get my regular wellness check. Those visits helped me identify some health problems that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise and now my health indicators like cholesterol are under control!”

Areatha D., Center Counselor at West Philadelphia Senior Community Center

“In my opinion, it is important for an employer to show support for their workers’ physical, emotional and mental well-being, especially in the field of social services and nursing. We can’t take proper care of others if we’re not healthy. That’s why I believe Liberty encourages and supports the health and well-being of their employees.

Liberty’s Wellness Program has many benefits for me especially in the areas of being aware of my nutritional health, exercising and managing stress. I have learned to prioritize my schedule, it’s okay to say “no”, take time for myself to reflect and rebuild.

Ultimately, Liberty’s Wellness Program is a blessing to us all and I am thankful for it. The benefit of a healthier me is priceless.”

Nicole M., Marketing Coordinator of Liberty at Home

Liberty’s Wellness Program provides me with a guideline to manage my health. It prompts me when it is time to schedule yearly exams and I find this feature very helpful.

I love that Liberty has a wellness program. It shows that the company is actively interested in the wellbeing of their employees and rewards them at the same time.

The group walking events are also a fun added feature. It engages groups of employees to work together to gain points and hopefully win a prize. The incentive to earn extra points that convert to cash is also an added bonus. Overall, I feel thankful that Liberty has this program and that every employee should actively participate.

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