These are truly unprecedented times not just for Liberty Lutheran and our family of services, but for families around the world. As a non-profit organization whose mission is to faithfully accompany individuals and families facing life-changing situations, it is now, amidst these times of uncertainty that the people we serve depend on us for support.

Together with hope in our hearts, and compassion in everything that we do, we will support one another through these challenging times.

We need your help today. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the health of our nation and world, you can help stop its spread. Liberty Lutheran is dedicated to prioritizing the safety and wellbeing of our residents, members, staff, and clients. It is critical, now more than ever, that our dedication to providing compassionate care for the people we serve continues.

Your support helps protect our family of services…

With that, there is a great need for life-saving supplies like Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that safeguard our compassionate team of staff from both becoming sick and potentially transmitting COVID-19 to residents and clients. To get through this pandemic, Liberty Lutheran must take extra measures for safety and protection. These measures come at a price.

With each day the cost to our communities continues to grow. Liberty has set up a COVID-19 Response Fund to cover extra expenses including Personal Protective Equipment, additional cleaning services, supplies for take-away meals, and support for the challenges facing our frontline staff, such as alternatives for childcare.

Help provide life-saving supplies like Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that safeguard our family of services amidst COVID-19. Visit our Giving Page and support our COVID-19 Response Fund by clicking here.

Director of Health Services at Paul’s Run, Dolores Redner: Ensuring Safety and Compassionate Care Through COVID-19

As our family of services continues to work together, this March, Liberty Lutheran created a Coronavirus Task Force. Contributing member of this task force, and Director of Health Services at Paul’s Run, Dolores Redner, has shared her expertise with this group. Her insights as a nurse for 45 years continue to shine a light on some of the measures Liberty is taking during these extraordinary times. Here is Dolores sharing her experience.

Dolores (far left) alongside her compassionate team of staff at Paul’s Run

“I’ve been at Paul’s Run for seven years. It’s a bit like the show Cheers – everybody knows your name and we are like family here – that goes for the relationships among the staff, as well as the relationships we all have with residents.

For the past several weeks, our days have dramatically changed. That goes for everyone at Paul’s Run and across Liberty. We’re on a heightened awareness of infection-prevention practices, and really trying to keep our residents safe and unafraid.

There is a lot of anxiety right now for everyone, including staff. So we’re trying to take the time to engage with staff and keep our family atmosphere. It’s quieter here! There aren’t any visitors, and our residents can’t leave the community because of the risks related to exposure to COVID-19. Because of this, our staff is spending a lot of time providing support to our residents, emotionally and socially. This is true across all of Liberty.

That support and information-sharing that exists throughout all of Liberty Lutheran, is demonstrated in our daily coronavirus task force call, which I join every day at 10 AM. We continue to keep each other posted on what has been occurring in our communities and discuss strategies.

We’ve been practicing social distancing. At Paul’s Run, our team has removed some furniture from our lobby to create more distance between areas where residents sit. They’ve also spread tables out in the dining room and relocated some dining tables to our connected auditorium and Greenhouse meeting space, adjacent to the lobby area – it’s not an actual greenhouse.

In speaking with colleagues in the healthcare industry, I can say there are steps that Liberty has taken that really place our organization above-and-beyond when it comes to looking out for the health and wellbeing of our residents and staff throughout the past several weeks. For staff that includes the professional as well as the personal aspects of their life.

If I could share some past experiences, it would be that I’ve been a nurse for 45-years, and I’ve seen many epidemics and pandemics. People get scared, and the uncertainty doesn’t help. If we follow the guidance set out by the CDC and the Department of Health, we will get through this.

Liberty is fortunate to have so many staff members like Dolores who give their all to the people we serve. Our team of staff throughout our family of services need your support, now more than ever, to stay engaged with our residents, members, and clients, while protecting their health and wellbeing.

Your gift provides critical supplies like Personal Protective Equipment that is needed to keep our communities safe. Please, give today to Liberty’s COVID-19 Response Fund. Help end the spread of this virus by visiting our Giving page and clicking here.