Many older adults living on a fixed income are faced with the decision between preserving their life’s savings or paying for everyday necessities like housing, food and gas. With the recent increase in prices for essential items, these older adults are struggling. If you have a donor advised fund, you can help them.

Liberty Lutheran’s communities, like Paul’s Run and Artman, have special funds that were created for times like these. The Fellowship Fund for benevolent care at Paul’s Run as well as Artman’s Benevolent Care Fund provide peace of mind for residents to ensure that they can continue living life to its fullest within our communities. No resident should have to worry about whether or not they will have the finances to continue living at Paul’s Run or Artman. These funds provide them with reassurance and security that Liberty’s communities will always be their warm and happy home.

If you or your family have a donor advised fund or foundation, you have a unique giving option to help grow the Fellowship Fund at Paul’s Run and/or the Benevolent Care Fund at Artman. You can make a significant gift for greater impact – a gift that won’t affect your current assets, as the money has already been set aside for charitable donations.

Please consider designating your Donor Advided Fund or Foundation, today. With your support, you secure the warmth and comfort of home for residents struggling with less resources.

How to recommend a gift to Paul’s Run and/or Artman:

  1. Request a grant distribution through your donor advised fund sponsor or family foundation.
  2. Be sure to use the correct Federal Tax ID Number listed below.
  3. Paul’s Run: (EIN) 23-2053395 Artman: (EIN) 23-1401548
  4. Indicate whether your gift is unrestricted or designated to the Fellowship Fund at Paul’s Run or Artman’s Benevolent Care Fund.
  5. Paul’s Run and Artman would like to acknowledge your generous gift, so please include your name or fund name and address.
  6. Mail to: Development Office 7002 Butler Pike Ambler PA 19002

Click here to visit Liberty Lutheran’s Giving Page and explore more Giving options!