Liberty at Home Operations Manager, Bobbie Arias, is one of many participating in the transformational challenge this year.
Liberty at Home Operations Manager, Bobbie Arias, is one of many staff members participating in the transformational challenge this year.

Liberty’s employee wellness program, Wellness Works, wants to make 2015 the year for transformation. Summer is less than two months away! Are you ready for shorts, flip flops, swimsuits, sunny skies and warm temps? There is still time for staff to sign up for Wellness Works’ “Transformational Challenge!”

This challenge was developed to keep employees consistently motivated through the entire year, with the goal of changing body composition through activity, exercise, nutrition, less stress and being well-rested. As Wellness Works Coach John Fairchild explains, the “transformational challenge” is not so much about weight loss, but rather promotes improvements in body mass index, also known as BMI.

“It’s important our employees understand and practice healthy lifestyle adjustments. By developing a challenge focusing on body composition, we enable employees to make healthy improvements on the inside and outside of the body,” he says.

Liberty Lutheran’s Wellness Works is committed to promoting healthy lifestyles and supporting disease prevention and self-care, through on-going education and activities. Liberty Lutheran’s Wellness Works program and its team of full-time, degreed wellness coaches seek to engage our 1200 employees with programs and incentives, such as the “Transformational Challenge”, in order to help them lead healthier, more active lifestyles.

Liberty at Home Operations Manager, Bobbie Arias, is one of numerous employees taking on the “Transformational Challenge” this year. Bobbie underwent weight-loss surgery in the summer of 2014 and since has lost more than 90 pounds.

“It is one of the best decisions I ever made,” she says. “My self-esteem has come up. I feel healthier, more energetic.”

Although she is making strides with weight loss, Bobbie thought it was important to participate in the “transformational challenge” and enrolled in January 2015.

“I like having the encouragement. It motivates you to keep going,” Bobbie says.

Bobbie stays active through taking salsa and dance lessons and thanks to the support and guidance she’s received through the “transformational challenge,” Bobbie says she’s since lost several inches.

“Just seeing the difference from fat mass and muscle mass puts it into perspective what I need to do,” she explains.

Bobbie’s wellness coach, John Fairchild, says body composition is far more important than one’s weight. And as Bobbie is demonstrating, he says, “Being moderately consistent through the year is easier to manage and is more likely to lead to long-term success, rather than experience rapid peaks and valleys in efforts to lose weight or get healthy in a hurry.”

There is still time to sign up for the “transformational challenge”! Contact your Liberty wellness coach today for details.