25 new members of the Liberty Lutheran team attended “Traditions” orientation today at the corporate offices in Ambler. Employees spent the day learning more about Liberty Lutheran, specifically its culture of strong employee engagement and excellent customer service.

Liberty Lutheran President and CEO Luanne Fisher spoke to the group about why this type of orientation is vital to the work we do.

“Culture is critical, it’s what sets us apart from other organizations,” Luanne said. “We want you to love where you work,” she added.

A panel of seasoned employees across the Liberty Family of Services spoke to the group about the culture at Liberty and offered their advice to class members.

Panel of seasoned employees offered insight and advice to new staffers

Christopher Ridenhour, Director of Employee Engagement Training, coached the group through various exercises that allowed the employees to better get to know each other and themselves. Class lessons also demonstrated behaviors and traits that are valued within the organization – such as being present, creative, pleasant, sincere, willing, perceptive, enthusiastic and serving as a role model.

“The more you practice being nice, the more your own cup with be filled,” Christopher explained during a lesson about making colleagues feel valued and appreciated.

The day concluded with each class participant receiving a thoughtful gift bag from Liberty. The bag contained a special note to explain its contents:

Just for you…

Snickers: to remind you to take time to laugh

Smarties: for the days when you don’t feel very smart

Gum: to encourage you to always stick with it

A Lifesaver: to keep you afloat whenever you get that sinking feeling

A Candle: to remind you to light a fire when you feel burned out

A Tootsie Roll: to remind you not to bite off more than you can chew

A Safety Pin: to remind you to stay sharp

A Payday: to remind you every day is pay day


A Bag: to remind you to continue to keep it all together!