These past few months through COVID-19 have been remarkably challenging. Although many obstacles have tested our spirit of encouragement and connection, Liberty Lutheran stays strong together and continues to fulfill our mission. No matter what the future holds, by taking care of the people we serve and ourselves, both physically and emotionally, and being there for each other even if it’s not in-person, we bring light and joy to one another’s lives. Whether we are six feet apart, or miles apart, we stand together.

While there have been many uncertainties throughout this pandemic, including the uncertainty of reopening our doors to Liberty Lutheran’s communities, one certainty remains true. That is our dedication to the people we serve. This commitment is demonstrated each and every day as Liberty’s staff and volunteers provide compassionate care to uplift the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our residents, members, and clients.

We stand together as we continue to deliver encouragement and positivity to all of those we serve. Will you stand with us? Your gift gives hope for a better future and ensures togetherness and safety for the Liberty Lutheran family of services. Give your gift to Liberty Lutheran, today by visiting our Giving Page and clicking here.

Connecting with Care through COVID-19: The Liberty Way

Throughout this pandemic, Liberty’s family of services has gone above and beyond to ensure the safety and health of the people we serve. While there have been many restrictions to protect our staff, residents, members, and clients, our creativity and commitment to supporting connections have fostered engagement, wellness, and hope for the people we serve.

Paul’s Run

Paul’s Run residents stay on top of their fitness routines with socially-distanced exercise activities. A new favorite on the calendar is “Exercise with Kate.” Residents have also been enjoying the reopening of activities like Bingo, music therapy sessions, and more as they practice safe social distancing with the company of friends.


At Artman, a favorite activity among residents continues in new and creative ways. Pager Bingo involves calling numbers over the loudspeaker. Another favorite is Jeopardy.

Everyone is invited to play along. Throughout the community, there’s friendly competition that brings normalcy back into everyone’s lives. Plus, Artman residents and staff kick off summer with a treat as the Kona Ice truck visits the community to deliver special frozen delights.

The West Philadelphia Senior Community Center

Despite the temporary closing of their doors due to COVID-19, The West Philadelphia Senior Community Center continues to support its members with dedication and compassion. Through its meal delivery program, The Center provides over 240 weekly deliveries of meals and groceries. For many members, this is their sole source of food.

The Center also provides 315 grab-and-go lunches each week. Additionally, the Center continues to innovate their virtual programming. They stay connected with members on Facebook as the Center’s staff provide daily health tips and exercise videos for members to live well through these challenging times.

The Village at Penn State

The Village at Penn State stays active outdoors as they enjoy a fun game of bocce ball in Palmer Park. What a wonderful way to enjoy the warm weather. Residents also enjoy practicing tai chi and yoga on the multi-purpose green.

Lutheran Disaster Response and Lutheran Congregational Services

Thanks to a grant awarded to Lutheran Disaster Response (LDR)- Eastern Pennsylvania, Hope Lutheran Church continues to operate its food pantry for neighbors in need. Feeding hundreds of individuals and families on a weekly basis, Hope Lutheran Church brings hope and wellness to their community.

The grant also provides funding for three other feeding ministries including Feast of Justice in Philadelphia, The Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities, and Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Food Pantry in Dingman’s Ferry. The tremendous efforts from local congregations in partnership with LCS and LDR means communities throughout Eastern Pennsylvania will not go hungry.

The Hearth at Drexel

The Hearth at Drexel residents certainly stay busy as they make their own terrarium planters to keep in their apartments.

They enjoy partaking in numerous activities like watercolor painting, trivia, history lessons, individualized exercise programs and more!

The Manor at York Town

There’s reason to celebrate at The Manor as residents enjoy socially distanced outdoor concerts with local entertainers. Plus, Wii Bowling is back in session for some safe and friendly competition.

Residents also appreciate that one of their most popular social events continues with a twist. Their infamous happy hour now has wheels as staff at The Manor roll a bar cart around the community to deliver spirit and libations to residents’ doors.

Through COVID-19 Liberty Lutheran stands strong. Will you stand with us? Your gift gives hope to our residents, members, and clients. Together, we can continue to uplift the lives of those we serve. Stand strong with Liberty Lutheran and visit our Giving Page by clicking here.