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May 6-12 celebrates National Nurses Week! Throughout Liberty Lutheran’s family of services, nursing is not just a profession, it is a fulfilling commitment to serving others and providing them with the compassionate care that they deserve.

Every day of the year, Liberty Lutheran appreciates the outstanding work of our nurses, but this week especially, we’d like to thank them for their continued dedication to providing kindhearted care to our residents, hospice patients, and in-home care clients.

At Liberty, we are fortunate to have a wonderful group of professionals who go above and beyond. On a daily basis our nurses, and so many others throughout our family of services, invest themselves by making meaningful connections with the people we serve.

Here are a few of the notes that Liberty Lutheran regularly receives which demonstrate the gratitude of the family members of our residents, clients, and patients. Names have been changed to respect the privacy of the writers and their family members.

Notes of Gratitude for National Nurses Week

“People who truly care…”

We are indebted to the entire medical team who were so attentive to my mother’s many medical problems and reached out to our family to discuss the options available for her care… We are so appreciative for that kindness as well as the excellent medical care that the team continued to provide with compassion throughout her stay.

While we are greatly saddened at the loss of our beloved mother, we are heartened by the fact that we were able to provide her with the best care possible surrounded by people who truly cared for her personally in her final days.

–Susan and Erica, daughters of a resident of Paul’s Run
national nurses week liberty lutheran
Residents and staff from Paul’s Run cheering on the Phils!

“Your staff was a blessing to all of us…”

I wanted to take this time to thank you so much for the kindness you showed us during my grandfather’s last days. Your staff was a blessing to all of us. Our greatest wish came true before his last breath… he got to meet his great-great-granddaughter. This brought all of us so much peace.

–Debbie, granddaughter of a Liberty Hospice patient

“Doing God’s work…”

I clearly remember when my daughter was born some 13 years ago, being struck by how caring and understanding the maternity nurses, doctors and staff were at Abington. They obviously dealt with anxious, first-time parents all the time, but I was still amazed. That feeling came back when we brought Mom to Artman. I’m not a religious man, but I do believe that those who choose your profession…whether dealing with nervous parents-to-be, cancer patients or for those in hospice care…are truly doing God’s work. 

–Steve, the son of an Artman resident

“They were so caring and compassionate…”

Of all the home health agencies I have ever used, this one was the best. I was able to receive care within 24 hours of being discharged from the hospital and rehab. Your team made certain that I had all the modalities I needed. They were so caring and compassionate.

–Frank, a Liberty at Home client

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“Dad never stopped telling me how happy he was…”

I am writing to thank the entire community at The Hearth for the assistance, kindness, and compassion you provided to my father for the last two months of his life. From the day Dad moved in, he never stopped telling me how happy he was there. I was so impressed with the personal way in which everyone from the nurses to the housekeepers made an effort to get to know him, learn about his interests and concerns, and respond to his needs.

–Alice, daughter of a resident of The Hearth at Drexel

Christmas blessings

Christmas is not just a time where we gather to give gifts and eat a lot of good food but I believe it is a time to thank God and sing praise for his goodness and mercy. I am grateful for your help and kindness to me. Peace and Blessings.

–Tracy, an In-Home Support client from West Philadelphia

Thank you for a wonderful celebration…perfect in every way…thank you and your helpers for making it such a special time. It is hard to believe Tom has been in your midst 3 years and I am truly grateful for all you do, not only for the Atrium residents but for those of us who find holidays long and lonely days as well. Bless you!

–Lois, resident and wife of an Atrium resident at The Village at Penn State.

“A heartwarming welcome…”

Thank you all for your heartwarming welcome… from the big welcome hug as I walked through the main door, to the lovely flowers, candy, and delicious lunch I enjoyed during the moving process.

–Debbie, a resident at The Manor at York Town

Our nurses’ work is at the heart of Liberty Lutheran’s goal to become a world-class organization.  Every day, our nurses walk with our residents, members, clients, patients, and their families in their respective life journeys.  Rather than travel life’s path with blinders, Liberty’s nurses have answered a calling to provide care and empower others. Thank you to our nurses for everything they do, and thank you to everyone in our family of services who shares their talents on a daily basis.

To discover the kindness and compassion our nurses provide for residents, families, and patients throughout our family of services visit our website by clicking here!