This week we celebrate National Nurses Week, occurring annually from May 6th through May 12th.  Today, Liberty Lutheran would like to thank our outstanding nurses and CNAs for their continued dedication to providing outstanding services and compassionate care for the people we serve.  Because of their outstanding work, our residents and clients continue to feel empowered to live well with strength and enthusiasm.

The care they give on a daily basis instills confidence that all of us will get through these challenging times together and be stronger as a result. Thanks to our nurses and CNAs, Liberty Lutheran’s mission to promote the well-being of the people we serve continues to thrive and brings hope and comfort to many.

At Liberty, we are fortunate to have an outstanding group of professionals who continuously go above and beyond. Each day, our nursing staff members provide essential care and instill independence among older adults and individuals throughout our communities and neighborhoods. It is more than medical care that Liberty’s nurses provide; it is the meaningful connections they make with residents and clients that lighten even the darkest of days.

These past few weeks through COVID-19 have been particularly challenging for individuals and families across the world.  With stress and anxiety heightened for an extended period of time, and the health of our nation at risk, nurses especially have shown up day after day. Throughout the entire evolution of this pandemic, and its continuous fluidity, nurses and CNAs across our family of services continue to demonstrate their dedication to providing care and ensuring the safety of public health.

For so many of Liberty’s employees, their work is more than their job.  It is their passion. Our nurses, and nurses around the world, are recognized every day by the smiles and love residents share; and this week especially, in light of everything you have done during these extraordinary times, Liberty Lutheran would like to thank you for your dedication. 

Words of Encouragement through COVID-19 from one of Liberty’s nurses: Director or Health Services at Paul’s Run, Dolores Redner

“In speaking with colleagues in the healthcare industry, I can say there are steps that Liberty has taken that really place our organization above-and-beyond when it comes to looking out for the health and wellbeing of our residents and staff throughout the evolution of COVID-19. For staff that includes the professional as well as the personal aspects of their life.

Dolores (left) enjoys a picnic lunch with her outstanding team at Paul’s Run. This photo was taken before the COVID-19 pandemic and reflects life in our communities.

If I could share some past experiences, it would be that I’ve been a nurse for 45-years, and I’ve seen many epidemics and pandemics. People get scared, and the uncertainty doesn’t help. If we follow the guidance set out by the CDC and the Department of Health, we will get through this.

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