In May, we honor mothers, grandmothers, and surrogates for their contributions to our families and communities.

A few years ago, Marian Stein, at age 102, was featured on 6-ABC’s “Art of Aging” for her beautiful poetry and positive outlook on life. Her poem “Mother” is what originally caught the eye of the producer, as her words exquisitely capture the bond between parent and child.


By Marion Stein

As we all know, mothers are precious human beings that from the time we are born until the time she passes on, her love for us is never ending.

When she tells us that she cares for our welfare, she’s not pretending.

Friends may forsake us; illness may overtake us. You can rest assured that mother will always be near and to God she will say a prayer.

She will always be near if we show the slightest anxiety or despair, for she is our mother, so dedicated, loving and true. She would go to the end of the earth to help us if she ever felt the need to.

So let us try to remember mother, not only on Mother’s Day but all year through, for she is human and has feelings too.

All she asks is for our love, understanding and a little part of our lives to share.

The greatest gift we can give our mother is to be near when she needs us and in some way to show her how much we care.

Just remember we only have one mother and when she’s gone only a beautiful memory deep in our heart forever will linger on.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, grandmothers and those who take on the role of mothering, regardless of gender or relationship.

Note: Marion Stein was a resident at Paul’s Run, a retirement community within the Liberty Lutheran family of services.