Liberty Lutheran extends our sincerest thanks and gratitude to all nurses. We are in awe of your heroic compassion and amazing resiliency.

Pastor Michelle Wildridge, Chaplain and Director of Spiritual Life at Paul’s Run, a Liberty senior living community in Northeast Philadelphia, shares,

“It is fitting that in many faith’s scriptures, when the prophets and preachers want to describe the height of compassion, they frequently turned to the image of the nurse – the image of one who gives not only medicine, but the gift of themselves to others.”

Here is her special prayer for nurses:

Holy God, help us celebrate and thank the nurses in our communities who provide consistent comfort and care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Theirs is one of the toughest jobs around – requiring patience, intelligence, listening, conflict management, calm, quick thinking and endurance – all in a fast-paced, often stressful environment.

Let us call to mind some of the nurses who have touched our lives and our work in a significant way, and join in praying for them:

Gentle God, we come in thanksgiving for the nurses in our midst. You have given them a lofty vocation – to mirror your love and compassion for the sick. When we watch them at work, we sense your presence in their words and deeds.

Gentle God, we ask you to draw near to these women and men who have given their lives in service to others. Fill their minds and their hearts with your wisdom and mercy that they might truly be your hands and feet in our communities.

Grant them the perseverance and strength needed to do their job well.

Give them courage to speak on behalf of those they serve and advocate for those in greatest need.

Comfort them in their sorrows and disappointments, in their losses and worries.

Shelter them in times of trial, creating spaces for them to rest and to listen for your voice.

Bless their hands, to be safe and stay well to continue their work.

Hear us, O Divine Nurse, and answer our prayer, for you are always good and always kind and never tire of ministering to our needs. Amen.