Q: How does Liberty Lutheran compare to other organizations, and what impact does that make for the people we serve?

A: Liberty Lutheran is the best organization I have ever worked for. I still feel valued and supported after 9 ½ years. I love my job, my coworkers, and those we serve. Because of this, I am empowered to serve our residents and able to effectively and confidently engage with the community at large. I feel Liberty encourages lifelong learning so that we are better able to continue the journey beside our residents.

Liberty has supported me in allowing me to attend the wonderful Fellows in Leadership program, sponsored by Leading Age. This program connected people and companies across Pennsylvania in similar communities. I learned so much priceless and valuable information.

This year, Liberty supported me in becoming a Certified Dementia Practitioner. Liberty’s support allows us to help the people that we serve, whether they’re employees or our residents. All the support that we get to better ourselves helps us better serve our residents.

Q: How do you see the work that you do inspire others in the community?

A: I feel that my entire career’s work has prepared me for this opportunity to walk beside residents in their journey called life. As a social worker, I have encountered different people from all walks of life and experiences. I feel that I can relate to most people. I bring a passion for working with people, whether it be staff or residents and their families, as I walk beside them, listen, help, encourage, or ignite in them a desire to continue pursuing what makes them happy or to find something new to experience.

We work in a customer service oriented environment. We serve our residents in a kind, caring, and compassionate manner every day. The residents are why we are here. The key to our success is their happiness.

Q: Tell us about an experience you have had with Liberty that impacted members and families.

A: We organize special events for residents.

Every year, we hold a Celebration of Life ceremony in memory of those who died over the past year. The residents find it meaningful. This tradition began in 2021 because we couldn’t gather during 2020. So many people hadn’t been able to pay their respects, or to grieve together openly, so we created an annual Celebration of Life.

We make a big deal out of 100th birthdays at The Village. We throw a community party. It’s a lot of fun. The residents appreciate these meaningful events.