How does Liberty Lutheran compare to other organizations, and what impact does that make for the people we serve?

Julia: I’ve been working for a very long time and never have I felt more supported and appreciated than I have at Liberty. Working in an environment where you are free to do your own thing and to have the support of staff and volunteers makes a big difference on the outcome of our work. Just seeing the smiles of those we serve and the compliments and thank you cards we receive make it all worthwhile. Although, through the times of COVID-19 precautions, I do miss the hugs because sometimes an extra hug goes a long way and is needed in the lives of those we serve.

How do you see the work that you do inspire others in the community?

Julia: The work that I do seems very natural. I never stop because while partnering with others in the community and meeting people, I find information that I can share or exchange. This makes our community better equipped to fully address the needs of our members. I have seen daughters and sons bring in their parent or parents. At first they may feel reluctant to be a part of the Center. That changes as their parent begins to feel welcome and at home. They warm up to the staff and other members, come to the Center more often and increase their activity. I try to inspire folks to become more active in mind body and spirit. I say, “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. So, let’s get you moving.”

Tell us about an experience you have had with Liberty that impacted members and families.

Julia: Recently, staff and I were able to be a part of the distribution of 200 turkeys and ShopRite gift cards given to members and their families. During the holidays, so many people need help. Thanks to Liberty and a grant from The W.W. Smith Charitable Trust, we were able to be there to help lighten their burden and save them a few dollars. It makes me smile to know that we are able to do something special and have such a special organization behind us for support!