How does Liberty Lutheran compare other organizations, and what impact does that make for the people we serve?

I started working for Liberty Lutheran four and a half years ago. I always loved the culture at Liberty, particularly the dedication I saw towards caring for residents. I love their resident-centered approach, how they want to take care of the residents, how they empower residents, and honor their well-being and their individuality. I like that Liberty Lutheran is self-reflective as an organization. We sincerely want to excel in our mission and not become complacent. Liberty evaluates what works for the people we serve and what may need to be changed. We continually seek to find new ways to maintain and improve our residents’ quality of life.

How do you see the work that you do inspire others in the community?

I hope I inspire others to realize how important they are. I hope our residents know how much they mean to us, and how much we care about their quality of life. I hope the staff realizes how much the work they do matters. Earlier this year, I started a new role as the Personal Care Administrator. I was the Unit Manager. Now, I oversee all of Personal Care. In my new role, I want to continue doing the great work that we’ve been doing in Personal Care. We will do trainings to keep our staff up-to-date on anything new going on or anything that we should know about to better care for our residents.

Tell us about an experience you have had with Liberty that impacted members and families.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, Liberty pooled their resources. At Paul’s Run, we always had appropriate PPE. They put measures in place to keep the residents and the staff as safe as possible. As the pandemic continued, Liberty communicated regularly to keep residents, families, and staff informed. I believe our residents felt safe and the families felt their loved ones were in a safe environment.