Compelling, New Approaches

Innovation is a foundational pillar of Liberty Lutheran. It is built into every fiber of our organizational culture through an articulated set of goals and a dedicated budget that encourages all employees to continually envision better ways for people to age successfully while strenghtening their body, mind, and spirit.

At Liberty, innovation comes in many forms from new approaches to how we train employees and deliver service to older adults, to services that make aging in place in one’s own home an achieveable reality and technology that expedites assistance and support for vulnerable individuals.

In just the last five years, Liberty has:

  • Revolutionized its approach to senior living with a new model called the Liberty Way 
  • Renovated and modernized its entire family of senior living communities 
  • Launched Liberty Lifestyles, a senior fitness program customizable for every resident
  • Designed a new model of memory care called Inspiring Today
  • Significantly expanded access to bedside physician care for rehab and skilled nursing residents through the use of telemedicine 
  • Hastened the efficacy of medication for skilled nursing residents through DNA testing

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